Are Divorce Rates Soaring Now That Governments Are Open For Business?

There was a lot of speculation in the last few months that the number of divorce cases would skyrocket when the worst of the coronavirus pandemic was behind us. Well, the worst is certainly not behind us, but governments are pretending that it is — and that means opening towns and cities back up for business. Courts are also opening back up in many areas of the country. And that means you can finally get a divorce processed in most places.

Relationship Coach Lee Wilson said, “If a couple is having trouble, most of their interactions will be neutral or negative. But now (tension) is constant and in their face and they’re not able to have their typical routines, like doing their own things.”

America’s rate of divorce was already high, at about 50 percent. It’s leveled off in recent years, mostly thanks to millennials who are waiting longer to tie the knot — which means they are more mature and level-headed once they do, and even more likely to have found the right match.

The divorce problem during COVID-19 came to light for many laymen when Mary-Kate Olsen tried to divorce her husband, but couldn’t. Divorce is not “essential” business, and courts were closed.

Other issues arose as well.

For example, couples who decide to split up can’t move. Couple who determine that it might be best to take time apart can’t. In some cases doing so would actually be illegal!

Calls and inquiries relating to divorce have risen dramatically in the last few weeks for our office. We’ll soon be able to process the divorce requests already on the table, and our lawyers are taking video conference calls to consider options for clients in the meantime. So, yes, divorce rates are soaring. But considering that coronavirus is far from over, and more shutdowns might occur in the future, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not they will continue to soar for some time.